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APROCS, Advanced Property Control System

Characteristics of advanced wire rod mills

  • Production speeds up to 120 m/s
  • Utilization factor up to 90% and more
  • Yield of material over 96%
  • Good tolerances and minimum surface scratching to achieve best prices in the markets
  • Temperature control system throughout the mill to achieve repeatable and uniform material properties:
    • Rolling within closed temperature ranges meeting the particular material demands
    • Low temperature rolling
    • Controlled cooling process used as in-line heat treatment or for “pre-adjustment” of material properties
    • Low labour cost due to high degree of automation
    • Extensive program system for both the rolling process and subsequent rod treatment
    • Developed and improved continuously, including the experience and expertise gained from many rolling mills delivered by MWE
  • Adjustable speed to influence package compactness by varying ring overlapping patterns
  • Steps within the conveyor and provision for change of roller groups speed to change overlap position
  • Consisting of three sections:
    • Ring laying section
    • Secondary cooling train for controlled cooling
    • Delivery section to reforming tub
Ring conveyor with air cooling

Intermediate cooling upstream the rod mill block

  • Maintain the desired temperature field by regulating the water pressure
  • Temperature controlled rolling possible
  • mproved grain size (fine) of rolled material
  • Quick-acting valves for higher speeds and small-diameter rod to shut off the water flow while the rod head end enters the cooling pipes
  • Cooling line also suitable for other products
  • High strength values:
    • Yield point: 500 N/mm²
    • Tensile strength: 560 N/mm²
    • Elongation percentage grade: 12 %
  • other data
    • Final rolling temperature: 950 – 1,050 °C
    • Equalizing temperature at laying head: 650 °C
    • Water pressure, max.: 1.6 Mpa
    • Max. product speed, approx.: 80m/s

Controlled cooling section

  • Retarded cooling for cooling rates of less than 0.3 K/s.
  • Accelerated cooling for cooling rates of more than 25 K/s.
  • Air flow rates at the loops of more than 50 m/s.
Controlled cooling section
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