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Housingless mill stands

The MWE mills stands are housingless mills stands. The rolls are mounted in:

  • Tapered roller bearings for the radial adjustment of the rolls
  • Cylindrical roller radial bearings in combination with axial groove ball bearing
    for the axial adjustment of the rolls

Therefore is ensured a faster and less complicated conversion of the rolling stands.

The MWE offers the following main types of mill stands:

  • Two-high mill stands
    • H- mill stands
    • V- mill stands
    • H/V- mill stands
  • Three- high mill stands
  • Brake Down- high mill stands
  • Two and Three- mill stands
    • reversible
    • displaceable (only Two-high mill stands)
  • UNIVERSAL- mill stands be used as:
    • H- mill stands
    • UNI- mill stands

BD-Mill stands  

Housingless-Mill stands with Basket-technology

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