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Rod mill Block / Varioblock

Modern rod mill processes are characterised by high productivity. The material
is shaped at high mill delivery speeds and low product temperatures
to obtain defined metallurgical effects, entailing high requirements to be met
by the equipment. Therefore, the rod mill blocks operating in the high-speed
range are of a particularly rugged design.

MWE rod mill blocks features:

  • Product speeds up to 100 m/s (designed for 120 m/s)
  • Five-year preventive maintenance intervals for gear units and power dividers
  • Use of best-for-purpose tooth materials from leading manufacturers
  • Use of roller entry and exit guides for the product, with preloaded bearing assemblies purchased from market leaders, permitting hoseless supply of coolant and aerosol lubricant while adopting the MWE principle


The varioblock is an advanced configuration of a rod mill block featuring
variable design setups and taking resultant advantage for the drive system
while yielding process fl exibility and facilitating the handling of double-pass rolls.

Advantages of the Varioblock

  • Variable double-pass roll diameters
  • Blocks that can be individually deselected
  • Five identical motors rated up to 1,200 kW each
  • Higher-intensity intermediate cooling
PDF Rod mill Block / Varioblock
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